Sunday, March 4, 2012

Empanadas and Pictures from Israel - Parshat Tezaveh Part II

These Empanadas are delicious when served with some cholula hot sauce and a squeeze of fresh lime juice. Pictures as promised.

And while we're on eye candy - here are some culinary shots from my Israel trip (if you're not hungry yet, you will be shortly).

The assembly line at Burgers Bar - note the ketchup smiley face

Wine tasting in the North - I didn't actually taste much

Wild flower lemon Herbal Tea in Jerusalem

First Shwarma of the trip

Towering meringues in Tel Aviv's outdoor market

Trays of steaming "Marzipan" ruggalach (I brought home 2 boxes for Sam)

I took all of these pictures on my iphone!

Dried kiwi! Tel Aviv market

Sam would have loved this shop - fishy fish and olives

Quite the assortment of Baklava

Mixed grill

Mixed grill appears with onions and hummus in my pita!

Nana, or fresh mint leaf, tea

Halva at the outdoor market in Jerusalem

Delicious fruit in Jerusalem's outdoor market

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