About Me and This Blog

About Me

I grew up in Riverdale, NY and have been living in Cambridge, MA since 2005. My excellent room mate is my husband Sam, and we've got one adventurous daughter.

I work full time as the Program Manager for the Wexner Israel Fellowship at the Harvard Kennedy School. I teach in various community settings, including Eser and Parenting Through a Jewish Lens. I volunteer with the Synagogue Council of Massachusetts and enjoy leading services at Minyan Tehillah

I wrote this blog for three years to combine two passions of mine – cooking and Jewish education. I'm on a bit of a hiatus for now.

About This Blog

Double Portion is a food blog of recipes that correspond to the weekly Torah portion. I started writing the blog in November 2009 and hope to one day turn the blog into a cookbook- an idea I dreamed up in high school!

All the photographs
and images that appear on this blog have been taken by me or Sam and are our property, so please don't use them in any way without my permission