Friday, October 28, 2011

This Year's Cake

The blueberry base is quite dense as it is a muffin recipe, but nice citrus and tart yogurt flavors. The chocolate cake/arc is super moist and I like that it has olive oil in it - a nod to the olive branch that the dove brought to Noah. The vanilla frosting I made came out a bit thick, but the chocolate frosting was too thin so I added more powdered sugar and it was just right.  I just delivered it to our friends Sara and Gershon, who will be hosting us for dinner. Tallying up the history this will be the third time I have brought the cake over to hosts. I hope everyone likes this years visually tame cake (Top Chef Just Dessert worthy it is not) - I think the flavors are going to outshine the flavor from past years' cakes.

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