Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Don't Mess Up - Parshat Bechukotay

This week we got a gorgeous new GE stove (complete with Sabbath mode!). While I'm terribly excited to have kissed my squeeky-doored, off-by-100-degrees oven, I'm kind of nervous about messing the new one up. Right now it is so sparkly and clean and I just want to keep it that way forever.

I'm sure that something similar was going on for the people of Israel in the weekly portion, Parshat Bechukotay. God tells them that if they follow the laws and commandments faithfully, all sorts of good thing will come - produce, peace, and a multiplying nation. But mess it up and there will be hell to pay - enemy domination, sickness, famine and more bad, bad stuff. So I think they'd be trying to keep things nice and tidy.

The first thing they're promised if all goes well is an overflowing of grain and grapes. The important makings for wine and bread, and many a comfort food recipe. Things are super busy for me this week as I get ready for the PresenTense launch night where I'll be pitching the Jewish Teacher Corps but I wanted to leave you with a delicious, warming dish that includes grains and wine - very appropriate if you've had to spend the week in the North East.
Beef Ragu and Whole Grain Spaghetti from epicurios

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  1. Good luck with your launch. It sounds like an amazing program and I am sure other people will see that as well. :-)